Welcome to Saltgrass Outdoors – The Best All-inclusive Louisiana Charter Hunting and Fishing

Saltgrass Lodge is a unique, exciting fishing and hunting getaway fully equipped to provide our guests with the best outdoor experiences in Louisiana. Located in Venice, LA, Saltgrass offers a diverse range of outdoor adventures, including offshore fishing, inshore fishing, fly fishing, bowfishing, duck hunting, hog hunting, and more. Guests arrive for the bountiful fish and game and stay for the trip of a lifetime. It’s a haul you’ll be telling your friends and family about for years to come. This Sportsman Lodge is not your average bed and breakfast, it’s a full-service outdoor experience, which means beautiful accommodations, delicious Louisiana cooking, expansive outdoor pool and cabana spaces, and sportsman adventures.

Saltgrass Lodge

Nearly seven thousand square feet of elegance and opportunity, the Saltgrass Lodge in Venice, Louisiana, is a beautiful antebellum-style home overlooking the Mississippi River. Consisting of four unique levels, Saltgrass Lodge is a testament to the history and architecture of the South. Enjoy the scenic landscape, detailed accommodations, and bountiful river and marshlands.


Conveniently located next to the scenic Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico, Saltgrass Lodge offers private accommodations sleeping up to 24 people. The historic architecture married with modern accommodations guarantees a stay guests will remember for the rest of their lives. Enjoy adventure, comfort, and plenty of fish and game in your preferred all-inclusive Lodge.


At Saltgrass, guest experience is our top priority, which is why we offer everything you need to have a successful, fun, comfortable stay. Amenities include a pool, deck, entertainment areas, porches, a dining room, and more.

Lodging and Gourmet Cuisine

Saltgrass Lodge is a unique fishing and hunting getaway, fully equipped to provide our guests with the best outdoor experiences in Louisiana. In addition, the grounds feature a cabana-lined pool deck, 600 square foot Oyster Deck, open-air entertainment areas, and gourmet meals to complete the daily itinerary for visiting sportsmen and families.

Corporate Events

Saltgrass is the perfect place to host your corporate meetings and retreats. With first-class accommodations, a gourmet chef, activities (fishing and hunting), and plenty of fresh air, Saltgrass Lodge is Louisiana’s premier option for corporate retreats and events. Your organization can even book the entire lodge for larger retreats!