Saltgrass Lodge

Welcome to Saltgrass Lodge

Nearly seven thousand square feet of elegance and opportunity, the Saltgrass Lodge in Venice, Louisiana, is a beautiful antebellum-style home overlooking the Mississippi River. Consisting of four unique levels, Saltgrass Lodge is a testament to the history and architecture of the South. Enjoy the serene landscape, detailed accommodations, and bountiful river and woods.

Lodging Only

$275per person
  • Meals Included
  • Child Discounts Available
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The History of Saltgrass

The home is a proud monument to Southern resilience, standing tall despite mother nature’s wrath. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina poured over the levee protection in south Louisiana. Floodwaters rose to an astounding twenty-two feet in the interior of the then private residence that would become Saltgrass Outdoors first property. The original, quality framework survived the flooding, and so the Lodge was marked for complete renovation after the structure was purchased by Saltgrass Outdoors in 2007. The post-Katrina remodel was a meticulously crafted homage to the original architecture committed to restoring and preserving the Southern Louisiana charm. As a result, the Lodge achieves a particular type of nostalgic luxury with special consideration to traditional Louisiana plantation architecture.

Louisiana Fishing Resort: An Outdoor Experience to Remember

The Lodge is now a quaint escape in the heart of bayou country, Louisiana. Inviting rocking chairs on the wrap-around porches enable visitors to view the cargo and cruise ships navigating the currents of the Mississippi River. In addition, the grounds feature a cabana-lined pool, pool deck, 600 square foot Oyster Deck, open-air entertainment areas, and gourmet meals to complete the daily itinerary for visiting sportspeople and families.

Saltgrass Lodge consists of four levels. The ground level is a covered open-air entertaining area that allows large groups a reprieve from the hot summer sun or inclement weather. Come dine on the Second Level, where you’ll find the kitchen, dining and living rooms, as well as the Cypress Room- a cypress wood-lined room fit for card games. In addition, the level is also surrounded by a wrap-around porch with a French door entry and exit from all rooms. To the rear, an extended deck features an outdoor kitchen along with seating for dining or lounging. The Third and Fourth Levels are rooms and suites.

Southern Hospitality Provided by Local Families

The Lodge is maintained by Nicolas, Raymond’s right-hand man. He expertly takes care of grounds and maintenance. When he’s not meticulously keeping the grounds, you’ll find him cleaning redfish as well as stirring up the pots for our shrimp boil and fish fry. Nicholas is married to our head chef, Caterina. They and their three boys, Angel, Manuel, and Raymond (named after Raymond) are family. Our returning customers tell us their stay isn’t complete without seeing both Nicolas and Caterina. This means that our local families make sure our guests experience true Southern Hospitality.

Where to Find Saltgrass Lodge

Saltgrass Lodge is located an hour south of New Orleans on the slender peninsula that forms the tip of the Louisiana boot and the mouth of the Mississippi River. A single highway hugs the western side of the river deep into the thick Louisiana marshland to the river’s end, the Mississippi River delta.