Cork Down
Chief’s Musings, Tall Tales & Fishing Report

Hey there my Friends. Man, is it really August? Vacation just flew by!

The mountains of West Virginia were beautiful! But I’m happy to be back on the coast with you and my other friends. I enjoyed the beauty up there. It’s not a better beauty, just…a “different” beauty.

Deer were everywhere and, in the evenings, a mist rolled over the mountain tops that just gave you an internal peace and appreciation for what the Man upstairs has given us. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in producing results in life; fish, monetary or even customer satisfaction production. Sometimes we, as Guides, lose sight of the beauty that surrounds us.

I guess the old saying of “Sometimes, life just gets in the way” is more accurate than we give credit. I am attempting to put a verbal description to something that is really pretty indescribable.

So, I will quit doing the impossible and get on with what I do better…just talking and sharing. Get out and enjoy some of the natural beauty our world has to offer, before “life gets in the way.” There is so much out there. And let me tell you something, some of them, well… pictures give them no justice at all. And that, my friends, is my musing for this visit.

For this edition’s report:

INSHORE: I’ll keep it really simple; all inshore species are biting. Now, with that statement, goes the standard weather caveat. It’s been a considerably wet year. But if there is a break, then there are fish to catch.

OFFSHORE: I’m seeing a good number of big Yellowfin Tuna come in, as well as a few really good Swordfish. Red Snapper closed early, but we’re hoping for a short fall season in State waters. As always; “your next time fishing will be the best trip of your life… until the following one.”

That’s all I have to share for now, so get there and enjoy! Until next time, my Friends.

From the bayou….tight lines and safe boating to all!