Cork Down
Chief’s Musings, Tall Tales & Fishing Report

Here we are in the “tweener” season. Christmas has passed, and in just a few days, the New Year will be upon us. It’s the time of year that we spend with family, and with friends. We are relieved that the pressure of making sure Christmas was “a good one” for our loved ones. The excitement of the New Year is setting in while we contemplate what we could have done better, and plan for how we’ll approach things in 2023.

Not only is it time to contemplate the past year, it’s also time to make new memories. Whether it’s time spent with family, or friends, or business associates, there is plenty to try right now.

Duck season is in full gear. The time is here to chase wild hogs, lower water levels tell us it’s time to flyfish for Reds, and, of course, it’s always time for inshore and offshore fishing. Now, let me share something with you; the temperatures have no clue what to do! Just this morning, I went out to see what the Reds were wanting to do. It was a good bit chilly. I wore long pants, waterproof footwear, and a nice warm hoodie over my long-sleeved shirt.

I was on the verge of wanting another layer. But, by mid-morning I was shedding that hoodie! By the time I made it
back to the boat shed, I was wishing I had on shorts. But, as soon as the sun set, I was putting on a light jacket. Now, just think what that is doing to those fish! I began on the outer edge of the marsh, which I didn’t truly expect
to find much…I found nothing. I worked my way in, more toward where I believed the water temperatures would push them. I found them! After several stops of not finding a nibble, it was on!

I was getting a hit on almost every single cast. After I put my limit on ice, I hit a few more areas, finding similar results. It’s all about doing what the conditions dictate, my Friend. If you just go out and hit a spot you caught fish on earlier in the year, well partner, you may be sitting there for quite a while. Figure out what the fish tend to do or want under the existing conditions. Do not wait on the fish to come find you. You go find them!

For this visit’s fish report:
INSHORE: Needless to say, Reds are year-round and can be found. The beautiful green water that we were catching trout in from the low river is over. The river level is rising, and the trout are moving back to the marsh. The Sheepshead bite has slowed somewhat, but good pockets can still be found, on occasion. Flounder season is back open, and I released a small one just today.

OFFSHORE: Yellowfin Tuna in the 50lb class are being landed regularly, as well as a good number of Blackfin. There are a few straggler Cobia can be found, and those delicious Wahoo are out there.

My Friends, that’s about all the room they’ve given me in this here forum. Time to bid you farewell and plan my next memory. Thank you for again spending a little time with me. Remember; “your next time fishing will be the best trip of your life…until the next one.”

From the bayou….tight lines and safe boating to all!