Cork Down
Chief’s Musings, Tall Tales & Fishing Report

Hello again, Friends. It’s October and Fall has arrived. The temperatures are decreasing, the bull Reds are running, and we are busier than the proverbial one-legged man. Pretty soon we’ll be hunting ducks or Hogs, figuring out which jacket to wear, and putting on some mouth-watering crawfish boils.

It’s also a time to begin reflecting over this past year. It’s been a good year for us here. After Hurricane Ida last year, and the Covid shutdown the prior year, we surely needed it. This reflection brings me to my story for our visit. I have recently had a visit from a long-time guest, and friend. He’s landed plenty of fish on my boat. He’s never had a problem. But this trip, he jumped the gun on many hook sets. You see, right now there is a ton of bait in the water. From mullet to pogy to shrimp and crabs.

These fish have a veritable smorgasbord to choose from. They are not in any hurry to nail the bait we’re presenting. So, when they do show interest, you have to be patient. Do not attempt to
immediately set the hook. Well, you see, he couldn’t wait. As soon
as that popping cork showed the slightest movement, his rod was way up over his head, and occasionally we were dodged a flying cork.

Finally, I told him to stop staring at his cork. To look around and enjoy the scenery the man upstairs has provided… and just relax. He took that onboard…and started landing fish!
Later that evening, he shared with me that my one simple line was the best advice I had shared with him over the years. Sometimes that’s what we need in life. Sometimes we need to just slow down and realize what surrounds us.

Now, my friend and I are nothing alike; we come from different parts of the country, our views on politics are polar opposite, and our life experiences vary greatly. But when you come here, all of that goes out the window. You do not come here to have political or religious debates. You do not come to compare your station in life to others. You come to relax. You come to enjoy those around you.

You come to make new fishing and/or hunting memories and to share old ones. So, the takeaway is to slow down, take a deep breath, and “just relax.” And I’ll just leave my rambling at that.

For this visit’s fish report:
INSHORE: The Bull Reds are here! We are also occasionally having good trout days. The Sheepshead have been quite reliable. Tripletail are beginning to disappear, but some are still hitting the ice.
Unfortunately, the Flounder season is currently closed until the end of November, so they are being released, to make memories for someone else.
OFFSHORE: Medium and large Yellowfin Tuna are being landed regularly, as well as Blackfin. A few swordfish have been sighted, and a few Amberjacks and Cobia are still being fought.
My Friends, that’s all I have, for now. I need to get into the next room and begin sorting a few things. My own Fall vacation and memory-making time is coming soon as I head to the mountains for some hunting and “me-time.” Thanks for listening to my prattling… again.
Remember; “your next time fishing will be the best trip of your life…until the following one.”

From the bayou….tight lines and safe boating to all!